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AI Powered Protection from Scam attacks

TRUSTEY is the first of its kind! It's an app that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide an instant and reliable way of confirming if you've been targeted by Scam Attacks. Whether via SMS, Email or Instant Message, Trustey is your trusted protection tool.

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How it Works

TRUSTEY works in 3 simple steps to provide a quick and accurate confirmation on suspected SCAM content

For Complete Protection

Using TRUSTEY is quick, easy and free, yet provides unmatched security from scam attacks

Comprehensive Protection

Trustey is built to be used with any textual based communications platform. Scammers do not discriminate in their attacks, and will use any channel available to exploit victims. Trustey's simple screenshot mechanism allows a users to check multiple channels

Quick, Easy and Efficient

A check of any suspected scam content can be verified with Trustey within 15 seconds. From screenshot upload, Trustey's AI powered algorithm processes the request, analyses the data and provides an accurate response almost immediately 

Evolving AI Powered engine

Scammers evolve their content every single day. The rapidly changing nature means conventional detection methods don't work.  Trustey is different. Our AI engine can evolve quickly, and naturally detects Scams via their 'Sentiment'

Here's what our customers are saying about Trustey

Stay Safe
Trust in TRUSTEY
to protect you from scams

Trustey has a range of features specifically designed to comprehensively assess and detect scam attacks to your mobile device, keeping you protected, informed and supported.

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Personal Risk Score

Build up a detailed history of all the times you get SCAM attacks

See where you continually get targeted from so you can do something about it. TRUSTEY calculates an accurate Risk Exposure score per user, so you know how safe you are and what to do about it

Dashboard Analytics

View a dashboard of your Scam exposure profile and avoidance

As well as providing your Risk Score, through Trustey, you can also view a dashboard with further information on your scam exposures, including Severity, Frequency and Impact. Share this with your friends and family to help them avoid the same scams

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Help & Advice

Access a network of security experts for help and support

Trustey connects you with people and organizations to help you deal with fraudulent scams. This could be local police, your bank, or other regulatory organizations

Trust in TRUSTEY
to protect you from scams

Download on Android and iOS now for FREE

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